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Intermediate Excel Skills, Tips, and Tricks Tutorial

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Learn many of the intermediate skills, tips, and tricks that you’ll need in order to be able to use Excel effectively. This is the second of several video tutorials on Excel. Please consider watching my other video: The Beginner’s Guide to Excel. In this intermediate video you’ll learn some advanced formatting tools such as conditional formatting, how to save time by using the Autofill Handle, the basics of formulas and functions, sorting and filtering, and a few random useful tips such as Freeze Panes. Find my whole Excel playlist here:
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48 thoughts on “Intermediate Excel Skills, Tips, and Tricks Tutorial

  1. Elvira Mtowo says:

    Elvira Nakale – Great video with simple explanations. I watched the first video (Beginners to excel tutorial and learned a lot). I had done excel before but never explored it.With these tips and tricks it will make it easier and better for me to use. Thank you and keep posting those movies.

  2. AVIJIT kAR says:

    i love it…..i am a new learner…….but the way you describe everything just make me so easy……and also i have watched your previous video…….that was also so helpful……….thank you very much…..

  3. David Levy says:

    Thank you!! I am looking forward to carefully working my way through the entire series of 41 videos. You are truly a Master Teacher and it is a pleasure to be in your class. This is a lifesaver for me!!

  4. Dorin Amitzur says:

    thank you for the video ! i do have a question you might have the answer to. how do i install hebrew proofing tool ? my excel 2011 doesnt have it and it gives me problem when i try to type in hebrw …. thanks !

  5. Russell Barbera says:

    Thorough, articulate, informative, and indubitably a resource I will return to if I ever get stuck in Excel. I know that I really need to increase my proficiency in Excel for my future career, and your videos are a tremendous help. Thank you!

  6. harry james says:

    Suppose we had other information to the right-hand side of the table of data we were interested in. Is it possible to freeze pane only a few of the row entries as opposed to the entire row? If so can anyone help with this?

  7. 2008TINAH says:

    I promised myself that I would learn the basics of Excel this summer so that I will not get anxiety when discussing this topic during interviews. OMG!! I am so happy this channel exist!!! I have watched two of your videos so far and I am hooked on learning this stuff! I feel so much more confident in Excel now. Thank you so much for taking the time and patience to help others!!! You are the reason why some of us are landing the job of our dreams or completing tasks that we once believed we could not do!!!!


    Wow! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge! I watched your beginner and intermediate guides and I already feel I could make spreadsheets like a pro! Keep enlightening us with your videos please! More power to you and your channel!

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