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Facebook Boosting Tutorial

Ready for a Facebook Boosting Tutorial? I’ll show you the basics of boosting to reach more people on Facebook & Instagram.

Before you spend money on boosting, ask yourself why you’re doing it. This video covers the right and wrong reasons to spend money boosting.

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46 thoughts on “Facebook Boosting Tutorial

  1. Sophie Bernard says:

    Hi Jerry, do you mean to say we should only boost our own posts, because if we boost other reposted posts from our news feed then those link clicks will go to the other original web page and not ours and so we are paying to boost someone else's post?

  2. Joe Reyes says:

    Hi! Im a real estate agent from the Philippines and I want to boost my listing post on Facebook. I just want to clarify, does it charge you 20$ a day or 20$ for the whole session of the boost?

  3. Su Hlaing Myint says:

    Why boost unavailable for profile picture and cover photo?I want to find out the answer because I don't want to lose my dollar bills after I paid and I want to boost successfully.another question is " Is there something error after paying the money for boosting?"

  4. M M says:

    Thank you,I have a question:Can a person use Facebook ads just to promote a product or to get more views to a video na dhe has no the personal page of Facebook? (I ask this because the privacy matter),thank you for answering.

  5. Educational Advising & Consulting says:

    Thanks for creating this video!!! I have been planning my first boost experiment to help launch my new online service and your on-screen walkthrough really helped me feel more comfortable about what I am about to do. Starting small for 30 days then will increase slowly to see how it goes.

  6. Jamie Illingworth says:

    Nice video, question though – “Your audience is too specific for your ads to be shown” – you kinda breezed past this which seems crucial to the whole thing.

    If I’m a little coffee shop only wanting to target just those postcodes, Facebook is clearly saying there that my ad won’t be shown because the audience is too small. However you said you can still do it…is this Facebook message a lie and my ad will be shown to that target audience? Is there a minimum audience you HAVE to target for a boosted post/ad to show up on an audience feed?

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